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WHO CHEF’S TABLE ”Congratulations on this well deserved recognition.  I am very pleased for you and, of course, proud that an Ontarian has received this prestigious award.  I offer you my renewed congratulations and wish you much continued success in your culinary and writing endeavours.”  Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty  See The Premier’s Letter ”Dear Chef Suman,  Thank you very much for sending me a copy of your book "From Pemmican to Poutine- a Journey through Canada's Culinary History". I look forward to a multitude of taste tests as Sheila begins to follow its recipes..”  The Right Honorable Paul Martin  See Former Prime Minister Martin’s Email
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WHERE FAN  PAGE Chef Suman appeared on Daytime Mississauga Television.  Chef was promoting new products as well as talking about his Popular Book, From Pemican to Poutine.  Chef also discussed his recent time spent in Eastern Canada exploring and creating cuisine, heading out on fishing boats and enjoying life with the fun loving down homers of Canada’s East Coast. Chef Suman, Culinary Professor and International Culinary Consultant appeared on Rogers Daytime Television.  Chef was demonstrating new products lines, Stock First.  Chef Suman treats us to a delicious combination of recipes including pan cooked scallops and juicy steaks.  Both recipes are brought to life with high quality companion products. RECIPES of the week RECIPES RECIPES of the week SUMAN CHEF
We are pleased to announce that Chef Suman has been appointed, Professor of Culinary Art at Durham College in Whitby, Ontario. Chef will be kicking off the relationship starting in January 2014 teaching the course: Hospitality Management – Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism focusing on the management of hotel, restaurant and tourism enterprises. “It is an honor to be a part of Durham College’s rich history of delivering top level education in the applied arts and technology dating back to 1967.  I share the College’s drive for innovation and commitment to excellence and very much look forward to participating in these guiding principles.” Chef Suman
Chef Suman at Grocery Innovations Canada 2012
Chef Suman Discusses Community Food Works: Food Skills and Food Safety Training for Employability Program Community Food Works: Food Skills & Food Safety Training for Employability is a program that was initiated in 2011 by the Toronto Food Strategy at Toronto Public Health as a pilot project to addressed barriers to accessing food handler training among low-income communities. The project brokered relationships across government and community, and developed a new approach to service delivery that linked food handler training and certification, food skills, and employment as a determinant of health through a program delivered in a community kitchen setting.  Upon successful completion of the project, the project was adopted as a formal program at Toronto Public Health in 2013. The program highlights how existing expertise, assets and resources available could be applied in collaborative fashion to address the long standing community development needs.    The curriculum was designed to be adaptable by local instructors and community agencies to meet specific community needs of the program participants. It's a practical understanding of food safety as well as healthy eating within the context of cooking skills: an integration of theory and practice.  Learner-centred adult education principles were also adopted to better meet the needs of targeted participants. See the entire video on Chef’s Media Page
COMMUNITY FOOD WORKS Chef Suman of the Week Recipe MIXED BERRY & RHUBARB CRUNCH Click to Read More
Chef Suman Roy and one of the world leaders in the production and manufacturing of high quality Caviar, Imperial Caviar & Seafood are pleased to announce a newly formed partnership between the two Culinary groups. Click here to read more about this partnership dedicated to Culinary excellence and uniqueness.
Toronto, June 29, 2015: Foodshare has announced it’s newest Chair, Board of Directors, Elect, Chef Suman Roy.  FoodShare is a non-profit organization that works with communities and schools to deliver healthy food and food education. They believe everyone deserves access to affordable high-quality fresh food. Since 1985, FoodShare has pioneered innovative programs like the Good Food Box, impacted what kids eat in school, and improved the way people eat and grow food across Toronto every day. Chef Suman has been on the Board for the past year and very much enjoyed all of the values FoodShare has brought to the City of Toronto. “I’ve very much enjoyed working with all FoodShare Board Members & Staff over the past year.  The entire team has been and remains committed to delivering high value food health strategies to communities across the Toronto Region.  I’m so excited to have the opportunity to continue to work with these committed people.” The Chef takes on his new portfolio immediately, and is determined to hit the ground running.
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