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Croque Monieur Prep Time: 10 Minutes Cook Time: 20 Minutes Ready Time: 30 Minutes Breakfast Is My Favourite Meal Of The Day This is so true… breakfast is my favourite meal… and if I can get Breakfast for Dinner… that is the cherry on top of my Day. Though I have tons of favourite recipes, but this one stands out… I tried it, for the first time, when I was in Paris, and it was that magical romantic love, that I grew for this dish… and I decided to tweek it a little to make sure I love it even more, and give the Canadian touch: Ingredients Butter - 3 tblsp Red Fife Flour - 1/3 cup Milk (Divided)  - 2 - ¼ cup Salt and Pepper - To Taste Nutmeg - a pinch Cinnamon - a pinch Oka Cheese  (Grated) - 2 cups Local Brew (Beer) - ½ cup French Bread (Or Texas Toast -  White or Whole wheat)- 4 slices Canadian Bacon (Back Bacon) - 8 slices Canadian Maple Syrup as garnish Directions 1. Make a Mornay Sauce 1. Melt the butter and add in the red fife flour 2. whisk for 2 minutes over medium heat till the flour dissolves 3. be careful not to burn the flour and add the 2 cups of milk, before the butter flour mixture changes colour. 4. Bring above to a boil, while whisking continuously. 2. Add half a cup of Oka to the milk mixture, and turn off the heat, and let it cool. 3. Combine the remaining milk, beer and the cheese. And let the cheese soak in the milk and beer mixture for approx 5 mins, and then drain the cheese. 4. Over medium heat, fry the Canadian Bacon, till they are cooked (for approximately 3 minutes on each side) 5. Top each slice of bread with two slice of the Canadian Bacon, ½ oz of Mornay Sauce, and sprinkle with the Soaked Oka. 6. Broil them at 400C till the cheese melts and turns golden brown (approximately 10 minutes). 7. Serve Hot, drizzled with our local Canadian Maple Syrup You can get creative by adding a fried egg on top or I personally prefer an over medium egg to top of my Croque Monsieur. Indeed a Breakfast of the Champions !
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