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Juniper-Spiced Venison w/ Savoury Bannock Details: Preparation time: 2 Hours Cooking time: 35 Minutes Ready Time 2 Hours 35 Minutes Ingredients - Juniper-Spiced Venison Deer, Moose or Elk filets - 1 kg Crushed Juniper berries - 8ea Crushed Fennel Seeds - 1 tsp Raw Sugar - 1 tsp Cocoa Powder - 1 tsp Sour Cream - ½ cup Demi Glace - 1 litre Lingonberry jam - 5 tblsp Ingredients - Whole Wheat Bannock White Flour - 1 ½ cups Baking Powder - 4 tsp Salt to taste Canola Oil Whole Wheat Flour - ½ cup Water - 1 ½ cups Directions - Juniper-Spiced Venison 1. Make a rub with the dry spices and salt/pepper. 2. Rub the meat with the dry spices, and let it rest for a few hours. 3. Sear the meat over high heat and cook to required doneness.  Sauce 1. Heat Demi Glace to 165 F. 2. Add Lingonberry jam. Yield : 4 portions Directions - Whole Wheat Bannock 1. Heat frying pan, add canola oil. Combine all dry ingredients. Make a well in the middle and add water. 2. Stir until the dough is a thick batter (It will be a gooey mess). 3. Drop a generous tablespoon of dough into the heated pan; spread the dough to ½ " thickness (use a spoon and fork for this step) 4. When the bannocks is puffed and brown on one side, then flip it over and brown it on the other side. Yield: 6 portions
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