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Newfoundland Toutons Prep Time: 75 Minutes Cook Time: 6 Minutes Ready Time: 81 Minutes Any Newfoundlander, or anyone who had something to do with Newfoundland would certainly know what Toutons are. They are an age old Breakfast and Brunch tradition that has been brought to today's Dining tables. It is simply a pan fried bread dough, served with an array of goodies… so serve it with home-made baked beans, other serve it with Bologna, and some with Scrunchions… but the most traditional of it all is served with molasses. The crispy crunchy outside and the tender soft doughy inside, drizzled with sweetness of black-strap molasses makes them very texturally appealing, and something to write home about. Though most Newfoundlanders will argue that they have never seen anything like this anywhere else other than Newfoundland… but I beg to disagree… I think that various parts of the world has similar food items, with just different names : Newfoundland - Toutons Ottawa (Ontario) - Beavertails Around the World - Donuts Last week, I got an opportunity to go to a "Truck-stop" Restaurant in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, to try out the traditional Touton… and I got to say… YUMMY !!!! But there seem to be an disagreement within the locals… is Toutons supposed to be Pan-fried, or is it supposed to be Deep-fried? I got a chance to go into their kitchen and got a one-on-one lesson on how to make a Toutons, and when I came home, I gave it a slight twist… and OMG… it was to die for! Details: Preparation time: 10 Minutes Cooking time: 2 Minutes Ready Time 12 Minutes Ingredients Quinoa Flour - 2 cups Yeast - ½ tsp Salt - 1tsp Sugar - 2tbsp Butter (Melted) - 2 tblsp Almond milk (warmed) - 1 cup Egg - 1 each Oil for frying Directions 1. Mix the Sugar, Almond Milk and yeast in a mixing bowl, and let it rest for 10 mins. 2. Add the Salt, Quinoa Flour, Egg and Butter. Make sure that the dough is sticky. 3. Let the dough rest for approx 30 mins or till the dough doubles in size. 4. Roll the dough in 10 small balls and let it rest for 30mins again, so the dough doubles up again. 5. Fad the dough balls gently, but don't make it too flat. 6. In a pan, heat oil (enough to cover half of the width of the dough, and pan fry the padded down dough, till it is golden brown on both sides. 7. Serve Hot with Molasses. Yield - 10 Toutons
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