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Gado Gado Salad Bar Details: Prep Time : 1 Hour Cook Time:  1 Hour Ready Time :  8 hours (Including  6 hours setting time for rice cakes) Ingredients for Peanut sauce (serves about 10portions) Peanuts (roasted) 400 gm Oil 100 ml Lemongrass 30 gm Shallots (peeled) 30 gm Garlic (peeled) 30 gm Ginger 15 gm Galangal 15 gm Chilli powder 25 gm Water 850 ml Sugar to taste (approx 80gm) Salt to taste (approx 15gm) Ingredients for Compressed Rice cakes (serves 10 portions) Rice (medium grain) 500 gm Water 1.1 litre Salt  ½ tsp Banana leaf 1 leaf Ingredients for Vegetables & Condiments (10 portion) Cabbage (cut bite size & parboiled) 30 gm French Beans (cut 2" & parboiled) 100 gm Beansprouts (parboiled) 30 gm Potato (boiled, peeled & cut bite size) ½ no. Eggs (hardboiled) ½ no. Carrot (julienne) for garnish Tofu (deep fried and cut small cube) ¼ pcs Rice cakes (cut cubes ¾ inch) 6-8 pcs Peanut sauce 1 ladle full Directions: Method for Compressed Rice cakes: 1. Bring water to boil and add in rice and salt. 2. When mixture boils, lower heat, cover lid and let rice cook and simmer for about 12-15mins or until rice is soft and cooked. Remove from heat let rice sit for another 10mins. 3. Remove lid, stir cooked rice with a wooden spoon and transfer it to a baking tray (2.5" depth). Press the rice to compress it as much as possible. 4. Grease 1 side of the banana leaf and lay it over the surface of the rice, add put a plate on top of the tray. 5. Add weight (large heavy canned products) to compress the rice cake and leave it to set for about 6hrs. 6. When ready, remove weight, plate and banana leaf. Turn out the cake and cut into 3cm cubes. 7. Set aside. Method for Peanut sauce : 1. Deep fry peanuts till light golden brown, drain and dry excess oil. When cooled, roughly crush the peanuts to create a sandy and fine texture, set aside. 2. In a food processor, finely blend lemongrass, shallots, garlic, ginger and galangal with 150ml of water. 3. Add oil in a heated braising pot and fry paste until fragrant and brown. (oil will be absorbed into the paste initially. when oil resurface, it's an indication to proceed to the next step.) 4. Add in chilli powder and continue to fry for another 1-2mins. Add water and allow mixture to boil. 5. Add in peanuts only when mixture boils; simmer for another 15mins. (note that the peanut sauce will burn easily at this stage. simmer on low heat and stir it every other minute.) 6. Season with sugar & salt, set aside and keep warm. Method for Assembly : 1. Place rice cakes at the bottom of soup plate and top with the rest of the ingredients. 2. Drizzle peanut sauce over Gado Gado and garnish with carrot. 3. Serve.
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