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Singapore Chicken Rice Sushi Details: Prep Time : 30 Minutes Cook Time:  60 Minutes Ready Time :  90 Minutes SERVINGS: 40 Pieces Ingredients Ingredients for Rice Thai Jasmine Rice  500 gm Vegetable oil  2 tbsp Butter  1 tbsp Chicken fat  2 tbsp Garlic - minced  2 tbsp Ginger - minced  2 tbsp Chicken stock  800 ml Chicken seasoning powder  3 tsp Salt  1 tsp Pandan leaves  2 leaves Ingredients for Chicken Whole fresh chicken (1.7kg) 1 Chicken Garlic - cracked  1 bulb Ginger - cracked  20 gm Pandan leaves (knotted)  4 leaves Salt  2 tbsp Ingredients for Dipping Sauce Light soy sauce  2 tbsp Oyster sauce  2 tbsp Garlic oil  1 tbsp Chicken stock 150 ml Hua Tiao wine 1 tbsp Sesame oil  1 tsp Ingredients for Chilli Sauce Big red chilli  10 nos. Ginger   5 cloves Garlic  (thumbsize) Sugar  1 tsp Salt  1 tsp Juice of Calamasi  8 nos. Chicken stock  150 ml Directions: (by Component) For Rice: 1. Wash and rinse rice twice and leave to drip dry in a colander for ½ hour. 2. In a sauce pot, sauté oil, chicken fat, garlic and ginger mix till fragrant. 3. Add in rice and continue frying over medium flame for about 1 min, to evenly coat every grain of rice with butter. 4. Transfer rice mixture into a rice cooker, add chicken stock, seasoning powder, salt and pandan leaves. Leave for rice to cook. 5. When rice is cooked, continue to let the rice 'sit' for at least 10 mins. Remove pandan leaves and gently toss the rice around to loosen the rice grains. Serve with chicken. For Chicken: 1. Rub salt over entire surface and inside of cavity, set aside. Allow chicken to marinate for half hour. 2. Bring water to boil in a large stockpot (there must be enough water to fully submerge the whole chicken). Add ginger and garlic. 3. Stuff the knotted pandan leaves inside cavity of the chicken and put it into the stockpot. (breast side down) 4. Lower heat and poach chicken for 18mins, uncovered and turning it once. 5. Remove stockpot from heat, replace cover and let the chicken continue cook for 18mins. 6. Remove chicken from pot and dip in ice cold water for 10mins. 7. Drip dry chicken in a colander. Dipping Sauce: 1. Assemble all ingredients in a saucepot. 2. Bring to boil, remove from heat and set aside. 3. Method (Chilli sauce): 4. Assemble all ingredients food blender/ processor. 5. Blend mixture to form an even texture. 6. Serve with chicken rice. ASSEMBLY: 1. Take 1 oz of the Rice and form it into a cylinder (like a sushi) 2. Drizzle with the Chili Sauce and the Dipping Sauce 3. Cut a small slice of the Chicken (0.5 in X 1in) and place on top of the drizzled Rice. 4. Garnish with Green Onions as shown in the picture.
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